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3 thoughts on “CAAZORII Lapdesk Product Reviews

  1. This new and innovative product has really made business travel for me, so much easier. It’s sleek design and versatility, made working at 36,000 feet, so much more comfortable. No more having to deal with the passenger in front of you, reclining their seat, and knocking your tray and it’s contents into your lap. You decide how close the lapdesk is to you, as well as the position of it. We will definitely be purchasing the lapdesk for the whole family! What great gifts these will make, too. I’ve used the lapdesk for so many things. I’ve propped my cookbook on it, and my children use it in the car or family room to do their homework and activities on. The possibilities and uses for the lapdesk are endless. If you don’t own one yet, get one! You’ll be thrilled you had. Shelley Long-Cortez, Phoenix, AZ.

  2. The CAAZORII Lapdesk is a great new twist on portable productivity. It’s small, lightweight construction makes it ideal for work, school or play. I use mine both at home and on the road and am pleased to own one. It really does make a difference when you do all of your computer work on a laptop or if you just need a convenient solid surface. Steven Pittman – Tempe, AZ

  3. I’ve spent almost a month with the new CAAZORII Lapdesk, and I love it! I have not yet traveled with it, but I use it constantly in bed, and on the couch. I find it extremely compact, and it assembles so easily. It helps to keep my lap cool, and allows my MacBook Air to receive the proper ventilation. Prior to the CAAZORII Lapdesk, I would use a pillow in bed, and it often blocked the vents, making my computer run hot. Using this Lapdesk has solved my problem, while providing numerous adjustments and angles for other uses. BUY IT – YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! Casper Harrington – Phoenix, AZ

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