Limited Warranty

What can possibly go wrong?

Please contact Customer Service by email at if you have any questions or claims in regards to the warranty of the CAAZORII Lapdesk.

Fine Print

The CAAZORII Lapdesk is NOT a toy so don't play with it.
It is NOT a weapon so don't try to rob a bank.
It is NOT a step stool so please for the love of God step down.
It is NOT a life support device so be careful in dangerous situations.
Do NOT put something valuable on top of the Lapdesk unattended. We are NOT responsible for any loss or damage incurred if the Lapdesk falls over or otherwise plays a role in the situation where your valuable was damaged. The Lapdesk weighs less than 1.8 lbs and will withstand a load of up to 15lbs on the flat podium if properly balanced. The plastic is that strong.
Do NOT use while operating a vehicle.
You may use while drunk unless you are operating a vehicle then do NOT use the Lapdesk. Call a taxi.
It is not a cookie so don't put in the oven or leave in your car in the summer when it reaches 100+ degrees.
(We're from the Arizona and we know what happens to plastic left in our cars in the summer, remember toasted VCR tapes.)
If you modify, cut, paint, or otherwise alter the Lapdesk... duh warranty voided!!!!
Please excuse us for we have worked on this product for 2 years and we're a little bit crazy by now!

If the Lapdesk breaks for any reason we want to hear from you. If we don’t hear from you we can’t help you.

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