Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does CAAZORII stand for?

A: CAlifornia, AriZona, ORegon, and International Innovations.

Q: How do I assemble the desk?

A: Please refer to our page for CAAZORII Lapdesk Assembly Instructions for one of 5 configurations.

Q: Can I paint the desk?

A: Yes, you may use spray paint. Be advised that the paint will make the post fitting very snug. After you have blinged out your lapdesk please post a picture on our facebook page.

I painted mine black and used it on a 5 hour flight between New York (JFK) and Phoenix (PHX).

Q: Can I glue the pieces together?

A: Yes, we have! But… the CAAZORII Lapdesk is designed with 5 functional configurations with distinct advantages. We don’t want you to miss out on these features.

Q: What material is the Lapdesk manufactured from?

A: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic polymer pellets/grains and a coloring agent.
A wizard cooks and mixes ingredients and in a hot-press molds 4 individual pieces (left and right side of post, top and bottom).
Please refer to this Wikipedia article about ABS plastic.


Q: Is the Lapdesk available in additional colors?

A: At this moment we only offer white and black.
If you’re interested in a specific color please let us know! Until then you could spray paint the Lapdesk to desired color.

Q: What’s your warranty?

A: Please refer to our page on Limited Warranty. Enjoy the fine print.

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